Arriving from London in 1997, with cameras in hand, Graham Hobart has already made his mark in the US as a commercial and editorial photographer. His unusual approach to capturing lasting memories is as unique as his development as an artist.

Growing up during a civil war in Africa and living on three continents explains why his work is anything but ordinary. At age ten he was carving stone. While still in high school he began casting bronze sculptures and painting in oils.

Moving into high end wedding photography was a natural progression from annual reports and celebrity photo shoots. His achievement in architectural interiors for magazines around the country is clearly evident as you look at the scale and grandeur in he captures his wedding shots.

Some may call his style "photojournalistic" but that implies a "fly-on-the-wall" approach. Graham get's involved and stays close and attentive without being obtrusive. Graham explains, "By paticipating as someone invited to the wedding instead of merely an observer I feel that I can capture a much more personal story."

Graham Hobart is genuinely interested in the couples he photographs and loves to continue to stay in touch as they move forward into their new life together.